How veterans are treated on community supervision

As we said earlier, VTI, PTI, Probation and Community Control are all forms of supervision. Unlike supervisionfor non-veterans, you will be supervised by a probation officer, the Veterans Justice Outreach Coordinator, a Mentor, and the Court. You will report and follow the instructions and recommendations of all these individuals.Most Veterans under supervision in VA Court report to Courtroom #1 located at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office instead of a probation office. But, there are some Veterans who request to report to the probation officeinstead of the Court. If you have a good reason, the Court will grant your request.

There are two probation officers assigned to Veterans Court, one officer from the Department of Corrections (DOC) and one from Professional Probation Services (PPS). Upon arrival to court, Veterans under supervision meet with their assigned officer. Veterans supervised by DOC complete a Written Monthly Report before being called to the podium to address the court. Veterans on felony probation and/or community control will also be assigned to a field probation officer, outside of court. This officer maintains your file, documents your progress, conducts home visits, and other supervisory duties required for your particular form of supervision. If instructed to do so, the Veteran must report to their field officer in addition to reporting to VA Court. Felony probation and community control are more serious forms of supervision and have higher contact standards than VTI and PTI.