The role of mentors in Veterans Court


The dictionary defines the word "mentor" as... 1.experienced adviser and supporter: somebody,usually older and more experienced, who advises and guides a younger, less experienced person. 2.trainer: a senior or experienced person in a company or organization who gives guidance and training to a junior colleague. mentor to somebody: to act as a mentor to somebody, especially a junior colleague

Our Mentors are all the above and then some! All military veterans are from all the different branches of service and different wars or conflicts.The one thing they all have in common is the simple fact that they are "American Veterans" and they are helpingfellow veterans. Our network of trained Mentors are the key to this very successful program.

Besides helping our fellow veterans, we are making a difference in our communities as well. This program hashelped to reduce the costs associated with arrests and criminal trials, thus saving the tax payer money andallowing our over burned court staff more time to pursue serious legal matters. We are giving the veterana second chance with education and guidance, returning a better veteran back into the communities that he orshe has defended on behalf of the United States of America.


We need you to join our team of Mentors

When Uncle Sam called on you to act the first time, you enlisted and becamea member of the United States Armed Forces. It was your sacrifices, honor, courage and service that made this great nation prevail over any of our enemies

America, the home of the free and the land of the brave!

Well uncle Sam has his great hand out once more. As veterans,we all have sense of brotherhood. A bond so strong that it will be with us for the rest of our lives.Veterans are what continue to make this great nation the best it can be. Here is you chance to make aa difference in another veteran's life.

A lot of the brave men and women that have served this country in many foreign conflicts and wars such as, but not limited to, Korea, Viet Nam ,The Gulf war, Desert Storm, OEFand OIF, have already paid the price. Coming home , they can find a lot has changes not only in their personallives but in their communities and country as well. This burden can be overbearing for many vets. Sometimes they make poor decisions and wind up in trouble with our Judicial system

Our courts have created a special Veteran Treatment Intervention court system just to help the veterans charged with minor infractions. Your job is to be his or her mentor while they are under courtmandated probation. Your job is to meet at least once a month with them, veteran to veteran, and render anyassistance you can to help your veteran make it through the program successfully.

Mentors, we will be celebrating our 10th annaiversary of Palm Beach county Veterans Court on Monday, May 10th at the American Legion Post 271 in Tequesta at 14;00 hrs. Click here for more details.